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We’re one of the most experienced Omaha video production companies. With 32 years in the industry, we have a proven track record of creating videos that work for our clients.

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Commercial Video

From television commercials to long form infomercials, with business walk-throughs and customer testimonials, clients have trusted Omaha video production company LP Photo Video to produce quality work for three decades.

Corporate / Industrial Video

Do you need safety or training videos? Have a construction project you want documented? How about maintenance projects or equipment procedures? We specialize in corporate and industrial videos.

Live Event Video

We’re great at live events. We film theatrical productions, school plays, dance recitals, music performances and weddings. We’ve covered USABMX racing and collegiate sports for some of the best teams in the Midwest.

Marketing Video

How about branding videos? Does your business need YouTube and social media videos? Do you have a product demonstration or launch you need filmed? We can help build your brand with marketing videos.

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