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We’ve served a wide range of clients since 1990.
Here are some areas we specialize in:

Railroad Industry

We produce sales and training videos for some of the nation’s largest railroads and railroad contractors. For example, these videos are used both internally for employee training and externally to market products and services.

Events & Conferences

We have produced multi-camera live events for television and internet streaming. Also, we film conferences of all sizes including railroad, athletic training, medical and scientific research.


We film a wide range of sports including national level BMX bicycle racing and collegiate training videos for Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Track and Field, Volleyball and Wrestling.

National Affiliations

We have ongoing relationships to film for networks and associations such as MSNBC, JOVE – Journal of Visual Experiments, Championship Productions and Assignment Desk.

Meet Tim Lillethorup

Tim Lillethorup
Tim LillethorupDirector of Photography
Tim has 41 years of experience in media production. In the early 1980’s he was an editor and photographer for national BMX bicycling magazines. From 1984 until 1990 he was an advertising production manager and art director. He has operated LP Photo Video since 1990. Tim’s work experience includes; videographer, photographer, video editor, web site developer, art director and graphic designer.
Omaha Video Production | LP Photo Video

We believe quality video production consists of these three key ingredients:

The knowledge of how to create an effective video that hits the mark is developed over time. We’ve been producing videos of all kinds as a videographer in Omaha since 1990. As a result, with this experience we have developed a three-step recipe for success.

The script

Every project is unique but they all must begin with a thought out, well developed script. For example, a script is like a road map, with each detail of the video planned along the way. Additionally, we can work with your script or our experienced writers can develop one for you.

The shoot

A successful shoot begins by ensuring lighting and sound are perfect. We meticulously light scenes and pay close attention to sound levels. In addition, we shoot in HD, 4K or 6K formats on broadcast quality cameras, typically shooting with two cameras for quality results in editing.

The editing

We use the latest editing software to finish each project to perfection. Whether it is color grading footage, adding titles and graphics or even creating custom artwork and 3D animation, we have the experience, systems and talent to make it happen.

Omaha video production

We’ll create a video that works for you!

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