One of the most established video production companies in Omaha.

Lillethorup Productions, Inc. is a professional team with an excellent group of support personnel that has produced quality work for over 30 years. We serve a wide range of clients, large and small. We can handle any project from live events to network television production. Here are just a few of the industries we specialize in: Railroad Industry - We produce sales and training videos for the nation's largest railroads. Omaha is one of America's original and historic railroad towns, and since our first year of operation our work has included Union Pacific Railroad and has grown to include many companies within the industry. Live Events & Conferences - We have produced multi-camera live music festivals including the Big Joe Polka Show airing on nationwide television. We have filmed conferences of all sizes including railroad conferences and athletic training conventions. Sporting Events - We ha​ve filmed a wide range of sports including national level BMX racing, collegiate Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Track and Field and Wrestling. Wedding Videography - We produce very high quality wedding videos using mulitple cameras, digital cinema techniques and polished editing.

We’re a “full service” communications company. Our services also include photography, graphic design and web site development.

Quality video production consists of these key ingredients.

The script: Every project is unique but they all must begin with a good, well developed script. We can work with your script or our experienced writers can develop one for you.

The shoot: Capturing your project with the best quality results begins with ensuring the lighting and sound are as good as can be. We take time to light scenes well and pay close attention to sound quality. We shoot in High Definition formats on broadcast quality cameras and typically shoot with two cameras simultaneously for the best results in editing.

The editing: We use the latest editing and software technologies to finish each project to perfection. Whether it is color correcting footage, adding titles and graphics or even creating custom artwork and 3D animation, we have the experience and technology to make it happen.

About Tim Lillethorup

Tim Lillethorup has over 30 years of experience in media production. In the early 1980’s he was an editor and photographer for national BMX bicycling magazines. From 1984 until 1993 he was an advertising production manager and art director. He has owned and operated Lillethorup Productions, Inc. since 1993. Tim’s work experience includes; videographer, photographer, video editor, web site developer, art director and graphic designer.